Vodacom Stormers encourage healthy eating habits

PUBLISHED: May 9, 2006

The Vodacom Stormers are permanently based at their training facility in Bellville, and the move to this facility has assisted in taking a more integrated approach to training.

As part of this integrated approach, the Vodacom Stormers team management have also looked to focus on a more professional attitude towards off-field activities, which include lifestyle and eating habits.

“We want to encourage our players to be aware of the importance of eating correctly before and after heavy training sessions. A more professional attitude and discipline to diet is becoming more and more important in professional rugby. Players are continually been made aware of the importance of eating correctly to ensure adequate recovery as well as having enough energy to train and play well,” explains Fitness and Conditioning Coach Greg Hechter.

Fruit and Veg City, proud partners of the Vodacom Stormers, have come on board this year and deliver fresh fruit to the training facility twice a week in-season and four times a week pre-season. “The deal with Fruit & Veg City is an attempt to encourage a healthy lifestyle and eating habits,” says Hechter. “The importance of greater lean muscle mass as apposed to high body fat in each player is a constant focus from a conditioning point of view.”

So what fruits do the Vodacom Stormers enjoy most? “There is always a rush to get hold of the Fruit salad, bananas and grapes! The guys find it easier to eat fruit after a training season, as opposed to a whole meal.”

Rugby season at school and club levels are in full swing and with the first signs of winter slowly setting in, make sure you stock up on fresh fruits from your nearest Fruit and Veg City! “Bananas, Watermelon and Spanspek are very good to speed up recovery after a tough game or training session, as they have a high electrolyte and vitamin level as well as assisting with fluid replacement. Naartjie and Oranges are also very good and high in Vitmain C. Generally most fruits are a good source of energy immediately after training,” explains Hechter.

“On behalf of the Vodacom Stormers players and team management, I would like to thank Fruit & Veg City for their generous support and trust that it can continue into the future.”