Salesian Institute takes up the challenge

PUBLISHED: April 8, 2004

On Wednesday, 7th April, 15 youths, previously living on the streets of Cape Town, committed themselves to the Learn to Live programme at the Salesian Institute, the official charity of the Investec WP and Stormers teams. Social workers from the Salesians have been working with these children for a few months already and have identified those that are willing to commit to the 18 month programme which will entail them living at the Institute and learning various life skills which will equip them with the ability to support themselves.

As an added benefit for the children at the ceremony, Investec WP player, Egon Seconds came along to give them some encouraging and motivational words. He spoke about having a dream and being committed to working towards it. He also mentioned the dedication that is involved in being a professional rugby player and how hard work always pays off in the end. Egon’s words really reached out and touched the youngsters, who were all in awe of his presence. Egon said that he would like to come back to their graduation ceremony in 18 months time, which has inspired these kids to complete the programme and work to make a success of their lives