Red Disa Investments: The team backing DHL Stormers and DHL WP

PUBLISHED: August 31, 2023

Red Disa Investments, led by Fynbos Ekwiteit and Ardagh Glass Packaging – Africa, along with Marble Head Investments, is in the final stages of discussions to acquire a 74% stake in Western Province Professional Rugby, the proud owner of the DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province.

The proposed deal was presented to the WPRFU clubs at a meeting on Wednesday and will be voted on next week.

Red Disa’s ambition for the DHL Stormers is aligned with the faithful fans – to be a consistently successful team that is regularly competing for and winning major trophies.

The investment group intend to instil a philosophy founded on the following key principles:

  • The DHL Stormers and DHL WP will play an attractive, exciting brand of rugby and be an inspiration to schools, clubs, and rugby loving South Africans.
  • Rugby and on-field performance will be at the heart of every decision made in the organisation.
  • Identification, development, and retention of local talent is paramount and there will be a focus on the production of marquee players for DHL WP, the DHL Stormers and future Springboks.
  • Consistent success on the field will only be achieved with strong commercial leadership and financial stability off the field.
  • DHL WP and the DHL Stormers will be true community teams and the support of local businesses, clubs and schools is critical to their success.

This investment will be the conclusion of a thorough and detailed process that has arrived at a deal that benefits all stakeholders and will leave the DHL Stormers well-placed to pursue a clear, long-term strategy.

Johan le Roux of Fynbos Ekwiteit said: “As Capetonians and lifelong fans of Western Province Rugby and the DHL Stormers, we are very excited by the opportunity to invest in this wonderful franchise. We are confident that the financial stability brought about by this transaction will create the ideal environment for John, Salmaan and their team to take their rightful place amongst the giants of the game.”

Paul Curnow, CEO of Ardagh Glass Packaging – Africa, said: “An investment in the DHL Stormers, with the focus to develop homegrown talent, would be complementary to Ardagh’s multiple initiatives in South Africa, including expansion of capacity in our Nigel facility, the ‘money4glass’ recycling programme, our new Employee Share Ownership Plan, and the establishment of our Africa IT Centre of Excellence.”

About Fynbos Ekwiteit:
Fynbos Ekwiteit is a Cape Town based investment holding company. The economic rights of Fynbos Ekwiteit vest in Fynbos Trust, which was settled by Capitec founder Michiel le Roux. The purpose of the Fynbos Trust is to contribute to the advancement of South Africa, the advancement of South African sport, culture, religion, education and other interests of South Africans, the protection and advancement of South African animals and vegetation, Afrikaans as a language, and the advancement of the interests of humanity in whichever way or wherever in the world it may be possible.

About Ardagh Glass Packaging – Africa:
Ardagh is the leading glass packaging company in South Africa, employing almost 2,000 people, and with production facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

About Marble Head Investments:
Marble Head Investments is the personal investment company of André van der Veen, based in Stellenbosch. André previously served on the board of WPPR where he worked closely with John Dobson on the board’s rugby subcommittee and had oversight of the company’s finances. He believes that with the right investment, management, and support from the loyal DHL Western Province supporters, the DHL Stormers could become one of the world’s leading club rugby franchises.