Quick tap with Sacha Feinberg-Mngomezulu

PUBLISHED: April 30, 2024

Sacha Feinberg-Mngomezulu on his injury rehab, having a brother who is a model and his dream DHL Stormers five-a-side football team.

How is your injury rehab progressing? Must be great for you to be able to run and kick again.

The injury rehab has been good, it has been shorter than usual and it has been great working with the Strength and Conditioning staff to make sure my body is fully prepared and bullet-proofed for what is going to be the most important part of the season.

You have some serious football skills as well as your rugby talents. Tell us about your junior football and whether you ever seriously considered it as a career option?

I definitely did take football seriously as an option. I would take the drives to the training sessions and trials, but being surrounded by schoolboys playing rugby at Bishops and quite a rugby dominant culture, that was the side I leaned towards.

Your brother is a model and TV star. Is that something you could ever see yourself doing?

Nathan is the good looking made-for-the-camera older brother. I think I will just leave that to him for now and focus on my rugby!

You just signed a three-year contract extension. What made you want to stay at the DHL Stormers?

I am a DHL Stormers man at heart and just the experiences that I have had over the past couple of seasons and watching the progress of the team says enough about where we are going. I want to be part of the building of an empire here.

If you could pick a five-a-side football team from your DHL Stormers teammates, who would make the team?

I am going with Hacjivah, then Ruben van Heerden in goal. Give me Ben Loader and Dan du Plessis in the midfield and myself.