Benefits of Proprioceptive Training

PUBLISHED: February 23, 2006

Proprioceptive training has become an integral part of both rehabilitation and enhancing performance during off and pre-season for the Vodacom Stormers and Vodacom WP teams.

Thanks to fantastic support from Grucox Medical, an official partner to the Vodacom Stormers and WP teams.

“Injured players could re-train their balance and proprioceptive ability particularly for shoulder, ankle, knee and groin injuries. The non-injured players had the opportunity of improving their co-ordination and balance. The stabilizing muscles of the ankle and knee can be trained on the mat and in this way injuries are prevented,” explains Vodacom Stormers physiotherapist René Lombard.

“There is research to support the inclusion of proprioceptive training in the rehabilitation programme of ligament and muscle injuries. It is for this reason that proprioceptive training has become an essential component of the training programme of the injured and non-injured rugby player. We are very grateful for the continued support we have received from Grucox. We will definitely be taking our Neuromats on tour with us!”

For more information on the Neuromats used by the Vodacom Stormers, visit www.grucox.com Orders can be placed with Grucox or by sending an email to sales@grucox.com