The highs and lows of Brisbane – Boome

PUBLISHED: April 13, 2004

Coming away from Brisbane with a win against the Reds has done more for us than you can imagine.

We had a tough week trying to get over the jetlag but due to the extra few days that the bye had given us we recovered sufficiently. The team trained so much better during the week which helped tremendously with the preparation for the match.

For the first part of the week we did not get up to much. Management purposely put in a few more meetings and recovery sessions so to keep the guys from sneaking back to their rooms for a sleep. Once we started behaving ourselves we were allowed to venture out into town. Queen street is where it is at in Brisbane. You have the regular coffee shops, cinemas and restaurants. I do not know if you could call Hungary Jacks a restaurant but it seemed to be quite popular.

Thursday was our day off and the guys had freedom to do as they pleased. One group went down to the Gold Coast where you have Surfers Paradise which is always interesting to have a walk around. Then the more experienced group hired a car and went up to the sunshine coast. It has some lovely beaches and the towns are a lot less busy. A good lunch and a walk along the beach was a fantastic break from the routine.

I think it was very good to see the guys being hard on themselves after the game even though they had won. Everyone is looking forward to a tough game against the Blues.

Selborne Boome