Ten questions with Schalk Burger

PUBLISHED: March 15, 2007

1. What do you expect from the Waratahs on Saturday?

They will come out firing I am sure. They have been through a rough patch lately and will be looking to fix that.

2. How do you rate their forwards especially their loose forwards like Rocky Elsom, David Lyons, Wyciff Palu and the youngster Beau Robinson?

They are all good players. I have played against Lyons and Elsom on a few occassions. Lyons is a good ball carrier, he is a big guy and hard to stop. Elsom is quicker and has good skills but I don’t think he is playing after being concussed last week.

3.How do you feel about your own form?

I am happy with things at the moment. Its great to be back on the field and to be making a contribution to the team effort.

4.Have you felt any effects from your neck injury and has it influence your play in any way?

No, it feels strong. The op was a success. If anything it has probably made me more aware of what is happening around me and being more alert at the breakdown.

5. How do you think your own loose-trio has performed as a combination?

Luke and I took some time to settle but its working well. Justin Melck is a very direct and physical number eight which I think is benefitting myself and Luke as we can concentrate on our specific roles in the game strategy.

6. You guys have been penalised quite a bit at the breakdowns. How do you explain this?

A lot of this comes down to the actual situation in the game and the refs interpretation or reading of play. Its a tough part of the game and the goal is always to be as accurate as we can be but there are times when we are deemed to be infringing and that is part of the game.

7. You guys are obviously disappointed with some of the results thus far. Where do you think the problem lies?

The key is to be consistent. Against the Highlanders and the Brumbies we made silly errors and allowed them to build a lead, whcih we we not able to counter. The Hurricans match gave an indication of how we want to and can play and we have to work towards playing the way we have practiced.

8. How do the players feel about the visit of Nick and Rob and how did it go?

It went well. They were very open about what they were here to do, chatted to senior players and the coaches and gave us positive feedback.

9. Do you think their visit was necessary?

They explained that the Stormers board had taken a decision for them to visit the team and that they will no report back to the board. The visit did not disrupt us at all.

10. Are you looking at the possibilty of being rested for a game on tour?

That’s up to the coaches. I am enjoying playing so I don’t mind. We have a bye weekend when we get home so that will be something to look forward to.