Strength and Conditioning

PUBLISHED: December 20, 2011

“The DHL Stormers strength and conditioning training phase 1 is complete, with many of the players having progressed well.” Confirms specialist strength and conditioning coach Stephan Du Toit.

“In the weeks pre festive season break, we underwent a thorough physical battery of tests. This was followed up by the introduction of specific programme goals for this phase per position and per athlete. Coming off a good base, the strength and conditioning coach’s work becomes a lot easier and players can enter the Super Rugby season with physical confidence. The conditioning focus of this period was different to last year but with an underlying continuity from the preparation of 2011. Players went through specific strength, speed and fitness drills of at least 2 x 90min sessions per day, 5 days per week for 4 weeks. New techniques were introduced with success, and improved results were achieved at the end of the 4 weeks.

A benefit of training in and around Cape Town are the added services that the local beaches offer as well as the very cold water of Clifton…nothing better (after 6500 stairs) than a cold plunge in the ocean. At the end of 4 week, players were issued with programmes to maintain their physical status over the Christmas period and return to take another physical step towards Super Rugby 2012. Players will undergo another physical battery of tests on 9.1.2012 before the pre-season starts.

Few understand the dedication of these athletes and the competition amongst them and to a man we know that they will progress their training.

“The mood in the camp is extremely positive and at all levels our preparation continues to progress well.”-Stephan du Toit