Schalk speaks

PUBLISHED: February 27, 2008

Schalk Burger, in his personal capacity, today released a statement to the media.

“On 25 February 2008 I was found guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviour by a SANZAR Judicial Committee as a result of an incident which occurred during the match between the Stormers and the Sharks on Saturday 23 February 2008,” read the statement.

“My action on the field was as a result of my anger and frustration about the decisions of the touch judge and referee which I regarded and experienced at the time as incorrect and unfair. Accordingly I responded to the yellow card which was awarded to me in a manner that was unsportsmanlike and unprofessional and which led to the finding that I made myself guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviour.”

“During my hearing I made it clear to the Judicial Committee that I acted in an unsportsmanlike manner which could not be justified even in the light of what I regarded at the time as the extreme poor quality of the decisions of the concerned match officials. I accept that it is not open to me or any other player to criticize a match official for any decision or to act in any unsportsmanlike manner as a result thereof.”

“I apologise to these match officials and the public for my conduct.”

“Although my Stormers team mates and I are disappointed that I will miss the next two matches, I accept the decision of the Judicial Committee. I truly regret my actions and trust that other players will also in future refrain from such conduct. Hopefully the frustrations and complaints of professional players regarding contentious decisions of match officials will be addressed in future through other effective channels.”