Recovery is key to Vodacom Stormers success

PUBLISHED: April 14, 2008

The Vodacom Super 14 is one of the most demanding competitions in world sport today. The rigorous training and match schedule requires superbly conditioned athletes.

Just passed the half way mark of the 2008 Vodacom Super 14, the team’s post match recovery protocol has become crucial in ensuring the players are up for facing the following week’s opposition.

“To ensure our athletes can perform at their peak, detailed recovery is an essential part of athlete preparation and all players are required to rigorously stick to the rules laid down by the medical team,” said Fitness and Conditioning Coach Greg Hechter

To ensure adequate recovery from heavy training sessions and matches players must;

Maintain high conditioning standards.

Lead a generally healthy lifestyle.

Rest Adequately.

Use the correct dietary and rehydration interventions.


Use appropriate compression garments at required times.

Use pool and ice sessions.

“The pool and ice sessions in competition phase take on added importance, with players having to swim and use ice baths followed by a warm spa bath directly after the game,” explains Hechter.

This process limits the damage done and aids and speeds recovery, so that the athlete can once again be at his best for training and match preparation a mere 36 hours after a game.

“We are lucky to have the support of Clear Water Spa’s and have state of the art cold and warm water spas installed directly in our change rooms. These are immediately available to our athletes after a game.”

Like conditioning, recovery protocols are an essential part of athlete preparation and maintenance. The season is a long and demanding one and getting from beginning to end successfully is becoming more and more scientific.