Preparation for the Reds

PUBLISHED: April 6, 2004

After a very long yet enjoyable flight to Brisbane, we eventually arrived on Friday night. We were immediately given the brief as to the importance of getting into a good sleeping pattern as our training and preparation was to start the very next morning.

Saturday included two sessions – a gym and swim workout in the morning and a field session in the afternoon, which focused both on fitness and certain key lineouts. The most difficult task of the day was trying to keep guys like Pat Barnard and De Wet awake!

After a day off yesterday, all signs of jet-lag have disappeared and our total focus is now on our must win game vs the Reds.

After a gym session and video analysis of the Reds this morning, we again took to the field. We trained with high intensity and there is a positiveness and hunger amongst the guys. Selborne is working hard on his recovery and we hope to have him back soon.

All in all, preparation thus far has gone well, we have settled in and look forward to a big game on Saturday. We realize the importance of getting our tour off to a good start, but more importantly is putting together a good performance over a longer period. The Reds are hurting and will come out firing. We will be ready for the challenge and hope to give you a lot to shout about!

Take care,

All the way from Brisbane, Australia,
Neil de Kock