Newlands Rugby Stadium upgrades

PUBLISHED: January 21, 2006

The historic Newlands Rugby Stadium is currently in the throws of a major redevelopment and upgrade.

Projects currently underway include:

The construction of a 3 story office block on top of the parking garage situated at the North West corner of the ground.

The office block is being built by RMB Properties and will house the staff of WP Rugby as well as tenants. The project is due for completion in July 2006.

All media will now be accommodated on match days in the media suite on the Railway Stand. A new facility for the many photographers that attend matches is being constructed in the South East corner of the ground. This is due for completion before 18 February 2006.

Both home and visiting team change rooms have been upgraded to provide more appropriate venues for the players. The in-stadium medical facility utilised on match day is in the process of being moved and upgraded.

In line with FIFA requirements for Soccer World Cup 2010, but furthermore to improve safety and security issues at the ground, the main Grand Stand standing room area is being converted to public seating. Pricing for these seats will be below stand seating in the stadium, so as not to disadvantage the spectators that have traditionally made use of this facility.

Capacity in the previously ‘Grand Stand standing room area’ will however decrease from 3800 to 2812, making the total capacity of Newlands Rugby Stadium 49613.

Standing room in the Danie Craven stand at the South end of the ground will be retained for the time being, given that the entrances and exits servicing this area are well within current safety parameters. Project completion is scheduled for the end of April 2006.