ERW My Flight Pack: Official Travel-aid Partner of the DHL Stormers

PUBLISHED: November 24, 2021

The DHL Stormers will continue their season with a new travel-aid partner in ERW My Flight Pack, giving the team the boost they need before, during, and after travelling.

RW My Flight Pack™, a market-leader in eliminating the negative impact of air travel, has announced the signing of a partnership deal that will see them support the DHL Stormers as the official travel-aid partner for the next 12 months.

Before facing elite competitors on the rugby field, travelling can take its toll on even the most formidable athlete. ERW My Flight Pack™ is a three-step powdered solution boasting body-boosting minerals and nutrients that are scientifically designed to prevent fatigue and fight the effects of jet lag, including disrupted sleep and dehydration that many sportspeople experience.

The result of thousands of hours of research from accomplished chef, Hannah Grant, and environmental exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist, Dr Stacy Sims, the duo designed the three-step all-natural formula to work with the body’s physiology while providing essential vitamins and minerals designed to improve recovery and boost immune health during travelling.

“When travelling, it is worth taking the effort to work out how we can you go about it in the most effective and safe manner. We need to make sure that the team is as healthy as possible at the beginning and end of every trip,” says Dr Jason Suter, DHL Stormers’ team doctor. “We are always looking for supplement products that allow for the smooth transition during travelling, and ERW My Flight Pack™ provides multiple benefits using a combination of nutrition and hydration-based science to work in supporting the body’s circadian rhythms.”

Suter has always taken a technical and systemic approach towards advising the DHL Stormers on effectively managing travel, even before the pandemic. Yet, the ongoing situation has added several layers to his planning. “We make sure we are safe as we can by following all the protocols that should be followed and sticking to the rules and don’t come into contact with anybody that we don’t have to. This rationale is something that we stuck to during the recent tour for the Vodacom United Rugby Championship to Europe and the UK.”

Before departure, the PREP sachet is a super-hydrator, addressing the need for hydration and boosting the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Taken during transit, the REST sachet ensures that the body has optimal conditions for quality sleep and recovery, and taken before arriving at the given destination, the WAKE sachet will help with recovery and re-energizing after a long trip, helping overcome the negative effects of air travel as fast as possible.

“ERW My Flight Pack™ is really easy to take – we mix each sachet with 500ml water and drink before, during, and after we travel,” explains DHL Stormers lock Salmaan Moerat. “I enjoy the products and love that it is backed by the best science. The product offers outstanding results, and we felt great during our recent international trip for the Vodacom United Rugby Championship.”

“These are still testing times to be travelling, so ERW’s My Flight Pack™ remains true to its promise of making sure the DHL Stormers will travel in the best shape possible, ensuring they don’t drop the ball on peak performance when travelling,” concludes ERW spokesperson, Andrew Morton.