ER24 make a difference to WP Rugby

PUBLISHED: July 2, 2012

It is not good news when we read in the media of another rugby player that sustained critical spinal injuries, whilst on the field. Some would argue that spinal injury is part of the risk associated with the game, but proper spinal immobilisation on site and effective emergency treatment can significantly change the outcome.

ER24 is the preferred medical provider to the Western Province Rugby Union and provide emergency medical standby at DHL Newlands Rugby Stadium and several Rugby Clubs. Paramedics agree that proper spinal immobilisation in case of an injury is beneficial to the patient and might mean the difference between walking out of hospital, or being bound to a wheelchair.

It is with this in mind that ER24 sponsored 85 full spinal immobilisation kits to the value of R150, 000 to the Western Province Rugby Union, which will be utilised by medical staff at Newlands Stadium, as well as various Rugby Clubs in the area. One immobilisation kit consists of a high quality backboard, head immobilisation blocks as well as a harness.

ER24’s National Training Academy is also available to provide the necessary training to club first aiders on how to use a spinal immobilisation kit effectively.

The 85 spinal immobilisation kits were handed over by ER24’s Chief Operations Officer, Ben Johnson, during halftime on Saturday, June 30 2012 when the DHLStormers and Lions went head to head at DHL Newlands.