Allister on the tour.

PUBLISHED: March 29, 2010

It has been great to have a couple of days off. Our bye came at just the right time and there is no doubt that the team will benefit from it.

We opted not to travel in our bye week, preferring to prepare for the match in our own facility. Preparation at the High Performance Centre has been good with a great final session this am. Bash and Juan are both ok and that’s good news for us.

The boys are really excited about the tour. There is great team spirit and we all really enjoy being on the road together. An important tour lies ahead. We are well positioned and would like to capitalise on our momentum. Our focus as always however will be solely on our next game.

The Force were good against the Bulls and there is no doubt that we will face a team that is hungry for a win in front of their home crowd. There are no easy games in this competition and we will need to have the same intensity we showed earlier in the competition if we are to succeed. We will continue to keep doing the things we have been doing all along and will not look to change anything, rather simply to improve in our execution.

The logistics involved in travelling and moving this team and all the equipment and luggage is something to see. A huge amount goes into ensuring seamless touring and we would like to thank all those behind the scenes people involved. Phase 2 of the competition begins now for us and we looking forward to it. Many thanks to all for your messages of support. We aim to make you proud.